“Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens.”

It’s really hard to write about favourite things because they change, all the time.
At this time of year, my favourite thing is getting in out of the cold, settling down in front of a warm fire, glass of something in my hand and a seed catalogue to peruse. Head full of plans for the coming growing season.
At any time, if I can make something work that had broken down, giving it a new lease of life, then that’s my favourite thing.
My favourite thing: a pint of home brew, at the end of a busy day, knowing I’ve earned it.
My favourite thing: a row of healthy plants, nearly ready for harvest.
My favourite thing: watching a hen emerge from hiding with a clutch of sturdy chicks.
Sunrise. Sunset. The sea. The dog. The cry of a curlew. Cuckoos. Comfort food. Christmas.
That’s the one. Variety.
If I Really have to choose just one favourite thing, then I choose variety.
I love the fact that my daily activity is dictated by the weather and the seasons, the fact that I cannot predict what bit of machinery might break down, which animal might need help, which tree or roof might suffer wind damage.
I love it that there are so many things that need to be done that I can pick and choose which activity I do. Back aching? No digging today. Raining? Lots of items in the workshop needing repair. And There’s always more to learn, more stuff to look up on the wibbly, wobbly way…. And movies to watch, books to be read, music to be listened to, food and wine to taste and poetry and song and ” brown paper packages tied up with string”……
Now, where did I put that seed catalogue?


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