Snowlar power?

This will be my first blog post (if I post it). Bear with me. I’m trying to get my head round the process. This post, therefore, may not be a good indicator of what future posts are going to look like.

It’s Friday the 30th of January. Much of the UK seems to have been having a hard time, weatherwise. They’ve had snow! Thundersnow, blizzards. Roads have been blocked. Airports and schools have been closed. Here, we’ve seen very little of that.

We like living off the grid. We get a smug, self-sufficiency feeling when our neighbours are in darkness as severe weather conditions causes power cuts. The most recent episode saw some people without power for 84 hours. Our worst power problem is long, dark winter nights and short dull days putting not enough energy into the batteries, and, of course, the snow needing to be removed from the solar panels after whenever there’s been a fall.  The panels may also need to be de-iced in the morning, much the same as a car windscreen.

So, advice to anybody thinking about “The good life” : Start from the point of view that you will have to live without electricity; Reduce your need for it and be grateful when you’ve got it.


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